Moissanite Engagement Rings

Shop from the most premium Moissanite rings Australia has experienced. Crafted to perfection, the true beauty of a Moissanite engagement ring is that it is conflict-free. What sets one moissanite ring apart from another is the quality of craftsmanship. At Temple & Grace, we're a team of highly experienced jewellery-makers.

Here, every moissanite we use in the making our moissanite jewellery, is hand selected to ensure that it sparkles to its fullest. Whether you're shopping for a moissanite ring online or in-store, we can promise that you’ll fall in love with our collection of Moissanite engagement rings and moissanite wedding bands. With jewellery boutiques in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, our jewellery advisors can help you select the perfect women's moissanite ring quickly and conveniently.

We guarantee brilliant Australian craftsmanship, but

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