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Temple & Grace jewellers are engagement and wedding ring makers. Being diamond wholesalers and engagement jewellery-makers ourselves, we guarantee the best value for engagement rings in Perth. Handcrafted in WA to the highest standards, we carry Australia's most unusual collection of engagement ring designs. And unlike other WA high-street retailers who merely trade in jewellery, we design and handcraft our engagement and wedding jewellery ourselves. This gives you access to the most unique diamond engagement rings at prices that are over 40% cheaper than typical Perth high-street jewellery retailers.

When you're shopping for her Engagement Ring, you want to be sure that you're getting the right diamond at the right price. When you visit Temple and Grace jewellers at Subiaco in Perth, you get a chance to view and choose from absolutely stunning loose diamonds. Here, every loose diamond is hand-picked directly by us to ensure that our engagement rings stand out from the crowd. From solitaire engagement rings for women to unique men's engagement rings, you're sure to find the perfect diamond ring at Temple & Grace jewellers in Perth.

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Looking for a GIA certified loose diamond at a wholesale price for a women's engagement ring? You'll be surprised when you see how much we can save you. Remember, all GIA certified loose diamonds are inscribed with the certificate number on the diamond. We're the only Perth engagement ring jewellers who create bespoke diamond ring designs with an extremely quick turnaround time at our jewellery showroom in Subiaco, Perth. This is because being diamond wholesalers in Perth gives us access to Western Australia's largest loose diamond inventory. Also, being Master jewellery-makers ourselves means that we can create the best bespoke engagement rings Western Australian's have experienced. Whether you're shopping for a natural diamond or lab grown diamond ring in Perth, you'll be spoilt for choice at Temple & Grace. Our natural and lab grown diamond inventory is clearly known to be the best amongst WA jewellery wholesalers and retailers.

We're the #1 Perth Engagement Ring makers!

Apart from the diamond quality which is backed by a GIA certificate, we can also almost guarantee that you will save over 40% as compared to other Jewellery retailers in Perth. It's simple, when you buy an engagement ring in WA from Temple and Grace, you're shopping directly from engagement ring and wedding band makers. Uniquely designed, our diamond jewellery collection is handcrafted to Australia's highest standards directly by us - expert Perth engagement ring and wedding jewellery designers.

Located at Ground Floor, Suite 8, 217 Hay Street, Subiaco, Perth WA 6008 Temple and Grace jewellers stock unique engagement rings and wedding bands styles. Whether you're looking for diamond rings online or in-store in Perth, we can guarantee that you will love the diamond collection and the wholesale prices we offer on our range of GIA and IGI certified diamonds.

Remember, Temple and Grace engagement jewellery comes with a wide range of benefits. The top 3 benefits include:

  1. 100 day full-price buyback guarantee - 1st in the industry
  2. Lowest price guarantee. we are Perth diamond wholesalers and never beaten on price.
  3. Pay just 25% to order your jewellery. You pay the balance on the day of dispatch! - 1st in the industry

Shop for a man's or woman's Engagement Ring online or visit our Perth jewellery boutique to choose from Australia's most unique diamond bracelets, necklaces and gemstone rings.

Perth's leading custom Engagement Ring Designers.

If you have a bespoke women's diamond ring design in mind, Temple and Grace jewellers are your best bet. Being specialist jewellery-makers ourselves, we have in-depth knowledge of jewellery design and can handcraft the most elegant diamond engagement rings Australian's have experienced. At Temple and Grace, we pride ourselves on our ability to understand and listen to our clients. At our dedicated jewellery showrooms in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide, you can select from a stunning collection of women's and men's engagement rings. Over the years, we have learnt that creating a bespoke engagement ring requires expertise and a wide depth of GIA certified diamonds. Here, we have Australia's largest and newest collection of solitaire engagement rings, oval engagement rings, pave engagement rings, vintage engagement rings, halo diamond engagement ring designs and a lot more popular diamond ring styles. We also have Perth's most unique Gemstone engagement rings styles. Our Gemstone Rings comprise of Sapphire engagement rings, Ruby engagement rings, Tanzanite engagement rings, Emerald engagement rings, Aquamarine engagement rings, Blue Topaz rings amongst many more.

We're Perth jewellery-makers who have optimised the meaning of Value!

Get more for your money with an engagement ring from Temple and Grace. Being Australian Master jewel-smiths means that we can save you over 40% when you buy a diamond or gemstone engagement ring in Perth directly from us. If that's not enough, we also offer a lifetime guarantee on all our unique Australian engagement rings. This means that if you need your woman's diamond ring resized or polished anytime, we do that for free - anytime during your lifetime! The best way to shop Engagement rings online or at our jewellery showroom in Perth, WA.

Visit our Perth jewellery boutique at Ground Floor, Suite 8, 217 Hay Street, Subiaco, Perth WA 6008.

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Ethical Diamonds for your Engagement & Wedding Rings

At Temple & Grace jewellers, we can trace the journey of your diamond. Here, we believe that a celebration should only be cherished with an ethical diamond ring. This is why, we source our natural diamonds only from ethical mines and also offer a choice of ethical lab diamonds for her engagement ring. An ethical lab grown diamond ring is an ideal alternative to an ethically sourced natural diamond engagement ring. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured knowing that your diamond selection is ethical with a Temple & Grace diamond.

Need Help Choosing a Engagement Ring in Perth?

Temple and Grace has come to be known as Australia's most flexible and friendly jewellers for good reason. Expert advise is on hand and we're just a phone call away. Visit one of our jewellery boutiques in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide or simply call us on 0414 500 999. You'll be surprised at how we can help you find your perfect wedding ring.

Experience the joy of proposing to the love of your life with a one-of-a-kind diamond engagement ring that is responsibly made. Our ethical engagement rings are expertly crafted to suit your budget and preferences. Browse our stunning collection and choose spectacular Beyond Conflict FreeTM Diamonds or brilliant gemstones available in a variety of shapes and styles.

At Temple and Grace, you will find the finest gemstone engagement rings in the most beautiful hues, including sapphire blue, emerald green, and aquamarine. With so many gems to choose from, you can find the perfect color that is uniquely yours. You'll also find a variety of dazzling styles known for their beauty and durability. Made of radiant man-made stone, moissanite engagement rings are among the most sustainable engagement ring choices today.

Discover your perfect engagement ring at Temple and Grace.

Yes, we make all our wedding rings in a comfort fit. As the name suggests, a comfort wedding band ensures a comfortable fit which is absolutely essential since our rings are quite like an extension of our body.
Certainly! As Master jewel-smiths, we will ensure that your wedding ring perfectly matches your engagement ring. All we request is that you wear your Engagement ring when you visit our jewellery boutique in Perth.
A wedding band is normally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. This is also known as the ring finger in most western countries. If worn alongside an engagement ring, the wedding ring is usually put on first followed by the engagement ring. During the wedding ceremony, the engagement ring is often moved to the other hand so as to have space during the exchanging of the rings. Following the conclusion of the wedding ceremony, the bride will usually place her engagement ring on top.
18K gold and platinum 950 are known to be the most precious metals. Unlike gold, the benefit of Platinum is that it does not get dull and lose colour over time. Gold rings need to be polished at least once every 2 to 3 years whereas Platinum does not discolour. If you're looking for a dark metal, Tantalum, Titanium and Zirconium are the available metal options.
Located at Ground Floor, Suite 8, 217 Hay Street, Subiaco, Perth WA 6008, Temple and Grace stock men's wedding rings as well as women's wedding bands. We also stock a large collection of gay mens rings. Our Perth jewellery showroom is open and you can book a showroom visit. We are conveniently located at Ground Floor, Suite 8, 217 Hay Street, Subiaco, Perth WA 6008.

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