Amethyst Rings

At Temple and Grace, we've mastered the art of creating the finest Amethyst gemstone rings for women. Whether it an Amethyst engagement ring or an Amethyst dress ring for an evening out, here you can select from Australia's most stylish gemstone ring collection. The beauty of Temple and Grace Gemstone and Diamond rings is that every ring can be customised to your requirement.

Being Master Diamond and Gemstone jewellery-makers ourselves, means that we use only the best cut and colour Amethyst Gemstones in the making of our Amethyst jewellery. From Amethyst bracelets to necklaces, visit our jewellery boutiques in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide to shop from Australia’s best Diamond and Gemstone jewellery.

Get the KARAT weight you are paying for.

We use on-screen digital Hitachi KARAT weight readers.

At Temple and Grace, we want you to know and see that you're getting what you have paid for! We're the only Australian jewellery-makers who have brought in complete transparency in the jewellery buying process. When you buy a piece of jewellery from Temple & Grace, we show you the 'Karat weight' of the precious metal you have ordered for. Here, we have invested in state-of-the-art Hitachi Gold and Platinum metal KARAT readers that detect the purity of precious metal used in the making of your jewellery.

Don't depend on your naked eye. See the purity of the precious metal for yourself on our digital Karat weight reader. That way, when you order a 9K, 14K or 18K Gold jewellery piece, you know that you are genuinely getting the Karat weight you have ordered. Likewise, you'll know whether you are getting Platinum 600 or Platinum 950. Experience the highest levels of trust with Temple & Grace, and save well over 40% by buying directly from us (jewellery-makers).

We guarantee brilliant Australian craftsmanship, but

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Shop directly from us (jewellery-makers) & save over 40%

When you buy a piece of jewellery from Temple & Grace, you're saving over 40% by buying directly from the jewellery-makers. Our unique jewellery collection and intricate craftsmanship is on display at our jewellery boutiques in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. We truly have Australia's finest jewellery collection. Shop online or book an appointment for a visit and be prepared to fall in love again. This time, with us!

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