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Experience Australia's most unique diamond engagement rings and wedding bands at Temple and Grace jewellers. Being Master jewel-smiths ourselves, we design and handcraft the best engagement rings Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide have experienced. When you buy an engagement band in Australia from Temple and Grace, you cut out on the middleman and save over 40% on your Diamond ring. We promise:
1) Australia's lowest prices for certified loose Diamonds (we are Australia based diamond wholesalers)
2) Your diamond engagement ring will be made at our jewellery workshop in Australia, directly by us (jewellery-makers), saving you thousands of dollars when compared to retail prices.
3) 100 day FREE returns - 1st in the industry

Create a lifetime of beautiful memories by choosing a unique engagement ring from our beautiful range of diamond and gemstone rings. Temple and Grace are Engagement Ring and wedding band specialists. Here, we make the best women's diamond rings Australians have witnessed. Unlike high-street retailers who merely trade (and add their margins) in jewellery, Temple and Grace are jewellery-makers. We are expert jewel-smiths who create the most unique Platinum and Gold Engagement Rings Australia has experienced.

Exemplary styling and intricate detailing form the essence of every diamond ring made by Temple and Grace. Attention to the minutest detail, differentiates Temple and Grace Diamond Engagement jewellery from high-street jewellery stores. Every loose diamond and gemstone is handpicked by us to ensure that only the best precious stones go into the making of our jewellery.

Choose from unique Engagement Ring designs

With an eye for detail, Temple and Grace create the most stunning gold and platinum engagement bands and wedding rings. Here we truly believe that while the size and quality of a diamond is important, what truly makes an engagement ring stand out from the crowd is the way in which it is crafted. Every piece of Temple and Grace bridal jewellery showcases exemplary talent.

At our jewellery boutiques in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, we stock some of the most unusual engagement ring styles. Some of the ring styles you can view include classic round diamond solitaire rings, princess cut engagement rings, oval engagement rings and many more scintillating engagement diamond ring designs. Being Master jewel-smiths, we are extremely particular about the quality of diamonds we use in our rings. This is why we are the only Australian jewel-smiths who offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 100 day full-price money back guarantee. Visit our stunning engagement and wedding jewellery boutiques in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide or buy online.

Book an appointment or call us on 0414500999. We promise that you will get a lot more value for your money.

Buy Engagement Rings online from Sydney's iconic jewellery store

Propose in style and save over 40% at the same time!

Temple and Grace are Sydney's trusted engagement ring makers. Here, we design and handcraft Australia's most iconic engagement ring collection. Being jewellery-makers ourselves means that we also guarantee savings of over 40% on all our engagement rings. And this is how we guarantee such massive savings:

This gives you access to select from over 3000 ethically sourced diamonds in a variety of popular shapes and sizes. Book an appointment to view our GIA certified diamonds personally and see how much you can save. We guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised.

We operate online and have our own jewellery boutique where you can see how we handcraft your engagement ring. When you buy an engagement ring from us, you cut out on the margins that expensive high-street jewellery retailers make. Shop online or visit us to experience the savings.

We can engrave a personalised message on your engagement ring. It can be a special date, a funny or emotional message or something more. Propose in style with a custom message. We're friendly and love going the extra mile for our client's without charging anything extra.

We want your engagement ring to shine for a lifetime. This is why we offer a free diamond cleaning and gold/platinum polish service for your engagement ring.

Your Temple and Grace engagement ring never loses value. And we guarantee that we will 'buy-back' your engagement ring at anytime for the same price that you paid. Before you custom-make your engagement ring, ask the jeweller if they can offer this service. In all likelihood, they will not buy back. We are the only engagement ring makers who guarantee the full buy-back price because we use only the best diamonds and precious metal in your ring. This is why we know that its value will increase each year, enables us to allow a free upgrade or buy-back.

Being master jewel-smiths ourselves, we know that we handcraft your diamond engagement jewellery to the highest standards. This is why we offer a lifetime warranty on your engagement ring. This simply means that if anything goes wrong with your diamond ring, we will fix it for you - that's our guarantee.

We're human and this means that our body changes over time. We wouldn't want you to put your engagement ring away in your wardrobe. Our complimentary ring resizing service means that we can resize your ring as and when you want, anytime for a lifetime.

Finally, we're proud of being trusted by hundreds of customers across Australia for all their engagement and wedding jewellery. Buy your engagement ring online or visit us at our specialist gold and diamond jewellery boutique in Edgecliff, Sydney. Come and experience the passion with which we design and handcraft each ring. Not just that, we guarantee big savings too! Very often, our customers buy a bigger rock for their engagement ring, owing to the savings they experience! :)

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We guarantee brilliant Australian craftsmanship, but

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Get the KARAT weight you are paying for.

We use on-screen digital Hitachi KARAT weight readers.

At Temple and Grace, we want you to know and see that you're getting what you have paid for! We're the only Australian jewellery-makers who have brought in complete transparency in the jewellery buying process. When you buy a piece of jewellery from Temple & Grace, we show you the 'Karat weight' of the precious metal you have ordered for. Here, we have invested in state-of-the-art Hitachi Gold and Platinum metal KARAT readers that detect the purity of precious metal used in the making of your jewellery.

Don't depend on your naked eye. See the purity of the precious metal for yourself on our digital Karat weight reader. That way, when you order a 9K, 14K or 18K Gold jewellery piece, you know that you are genuinely getting the Karat weight you have ordered. Likewise, you'll know whether you are getting Platinum 600 or Platinum 950. Experience the highest levels of trust with Temple & Grace, and save well over 40% by buying directly from us (jewellery-makers).

Shop directly from us (jewellery-makers) & save over 40%

When you buy a piece of jewellery from Temple & Grace, you're saving over 40% by buying directly from the jewellery-makers. Our unique jewellery collection and intricate craftsmanship is on display at our jewellery boutiques in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. We truly have Australia's finest jewellery collection. Shop online or book an appointment for a visit and be prepared to fall in love again. This time, with us!

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