Australia's most comprehensive Ring metal comparison guide

We're passionate about creating the finest Engagement and Wedding rings. But what we're more passionate about is helping you select the right metal. To help you select the perfect metal for your ring, we have put together a comprehensive guide. This metal guide highlights the characteristics of every metal. With a choice of over a thousand rings and over ten metals, this guide aims to to provide you the knowledge to make your ring selection simpler!

Gold Rings (9, 14, 18 carat)

As the world's most well-known precious metal, Gold is a popular metal and is extensively used in the making of both, engagement rings as well as wedding bands. At Temple and Grace, we handcraft jewellery in Yellow, White and Rose gold. Apart from choosing the Gold colour, you can also select from 9 carat, 14 carat or 18 carat. The carat defines the level of purity of Gold. 18 carat gold is 75% pure gold, 14 carat gold is 58% pure and 9 carat gold is 37.5% pure. The main benefit of selecting Gold as a metal is that it not just retains but also grows in value over time. Besides value, Gold rings can be made in two tones such as a combination of white gold and rose gold etc. Gold also offers the ability to select different ring finishes such as a hammered finish, gloss finish, matt finish and a lot more.

If you're looking at passing the ring on to your children, we recommend a Gold or Platinum ring.

Platinum Rings (select from Platinum 950 and Platinum 600)

An excellent precious metal, Platinum retains and grows in value just like Gold does. Just like Gold, Platinum is also a rear metal and hence it is widely chosen for the making of engagement and wedding jewellery. Just like Gold can be made in varied carats, Platinum rings can be made in Platinum 950 or Platinum 600. The main difference between the two is that Platinum 950 is 95% pure whereas Platinum 600 is 60% pure.

If you're looking for a precious yet durable metal, Platinum is an ideal choice. It is much harder than gold and being scratch-resistant, it will scratch less easily as compared to gold. This also makes a Platinum ring retain its shine as compared to a Gold ring which needs to be polished approximately once every two years to bring back its shine. Another benefit of Platinum is that it is hypoallergenic, which means it is an excellent choice for those who suffer from skin allergies owing to use of a certain metal.

Tantalum Rings

A stunning bluish grey metal, Tantalum is now becoming a popular choice owing to its strong and rugged qualities. Tantalum rings are durable and are a good option for those looking for a dark masculine look. Tantalum is the most precious of all the alternative metals. The only disadvantage of Tantalum rings is that they cannot be resized.

Black Zirconium Rings

Black Zirconium is an affordable dark metal that is durable and hypoallergenic. An interesting fact about Zirconium is that it starts its life as a silver metal but darkens and turns black during the heating process. This oxidising process process allows us to create two-tone rings by cutting into the metal to reveal the silver metal underneath. Being Master jewel-smiths enables us to amalgamate Black Zirconium and Gold to create moderns rings.

Titanium Rings

A durable metal, Titanium is light-weight and hypoallergenic. Available in a choice of classic, patterned and two-tone, Titanium rings can be be amalgamated with either Gold or Carbon Fibre. Titanium rings are cost-effective as compared to rings made in a precious metal. However, the main disadvantage of Titanium rings is that they cannot be resized.

Carbon Fibre Rings

A stunning black metal, Carbon Fibre is light-weight and scratch-resistant. Carbon Fibre in itself is hypoallergenic. However, when mixed with other metals, it may lose this characteristic. We can handcraft Carbon Fibre rings with Titanium and Gold. Again, the main disadvantage of Carbon Fibre rings is that they cannot be resized.

Meteorite Rings

Made with authentic Gibeon meteorite that was formed over 4 billion year ago, our collection of Meteorite rings is truly stellar (pun intended). Because Meteorite is a natural substance, every ring we handcraft is unique and offers a truly distinct look.

Stardust Rings

Stardust rings can be made in combination with precious metals such as Gold and Platinum. We're also the only Australian Master jewel-smiths who make Stardust rings in a combination with Meteorites and Titanium.

Precious Metal
Level of Durability
Level of Scratch Resistance
Crack Resistant
Ability to Customise
Overall Rating*
9 & 14 Carat Gold High Medium High Medium $$
18 Carat Gold High Medium High Medium $$$$
600 Very High High Medium Medium $$$
950 Very High High Medium Medium $$$$
Plain Black Zirconium High Medium Medium Light $
+ Gold High Medium Medium Medium $$$
Plain Titanium High Medium Medium Light $
+ Gold High Medium Medium Medium $$$
Tantalum Very High Very High Medium Heavy $$
Tantalum & Gold Very High Very High Medium Medium - Heavy $$$
Plain Carbon Fibre High High Medium Light $
+ Gold High Medium Medium Medium $$$
Titanium High Medium Medium Light $$

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